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History of The Montrose Mansion

The historic “Montrose”, also known as the McCulloch Mansion, was built in 1870 by John McCulloch and is listed in the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures. Named in tribute to the Earl of Montrose, Scotland (a family relative) it served as home for the McCullochs, one of Clarksville’s founding families, until they sold the property in 1946.
In the 1990’s, the “Montrose” gained new life and purpose when it was converted into a restaurant/ reception/wedding event venue. The stately mansion has served the community with unique food and event experiences for more than two decades.

In 2016, “Montrose” was acquired by RAILS Craft Brew & Eatery, which brought its Historic Railway theme and its American Cuisine Menu of Steaks, Chicken, Seafood, Appetizers and Craft Beers to one of Clarksville’s premier dining and social destinations.

RAILS was born in Seymour, Indiana, in a historic century-old building that sits in the middle of town, precisely at the point where the east-to-west railroad was built across the north-to-south tracks in the 1850’s - the Crossroads of America! This crossing of the rails enabled the vast American expansion to the west, and the town of Seymour (named for the railroad’s surveyor) quickly grew at the spot, along with traditions of great American food for hungry travelers and local residents- courtesy of the railway’s dining cars and town eateries.

With the historical significance of the tracks, the building, the town, and the railway dining cars, there could be only one name for the restaurant- RAILS! Today, the tradition of great American food and social gatherings for hungry travelers and local residents continues in downtown Seymour and historic Clarksville.